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1. Hydro Power Policy 2007 ... (Click to Download or View)

Arunachal Pradesh Gazette, October 15 2008
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2. State Mega Hydro Electric Power Policy 2005 ... (Click to Download or View)

Introduction:- The State of Arunachal Pradesh is located in the eastern most part of the countrY and is popularly lmown as the "land of the rising sun". It is one of the eight North Eastern States with an area of 83,743 Sq. KIn; thus the biggest in terms of geographical area among the NE States. It lies between latitude 26°-28'N and 29° - 30'N and longitude 910- 31'E and 97° -30'E.The entire State falls under seismic zone-V and the geology is fragile due to young mountain formation system. (Read More)

3. Hydro Power Policy 2008 - Salient Features ... (Click to Download or View)

Salient Features of Hvdro Power Policy ...2008
Notification 19th November 2008.... No. PWRS/HPD/W-1305/2005/Pt.1
(Read More) This example shows how basic research initially spurred organizational psychologists to closer scrutiny to a particular problem . The observed lack of scrutiny issue intensified communication with managers of organizational psychology practitioners and experts on staff and organizational problems , ie with the practice . This has allowed to specify many aspects of the problem. At the same time, scientists were able to identify specific aspects of job satisfaction are closely associated with certain types of behavior, and management practitioners and experts on staff and organizational issues were updated guidance as to what aspects of job satisfaction should be formed from members of the organization to ensure greater productivity. In turn, this refined knowledge of fundamental science is enriched by specifying the limits and conditions under which The attitude and behavior do not really relate to each other . youth baseball training . pool service rancho cucamonga

Here is another example of cross-fertilization of science and practice in organizational psychology. In the late 50 -ies widely discussed feasibility of group decision making on key policy and institutional issues. At that time, in the public mind the view prevailed that group decisions are more preferred than the individual , as is typical for a large group of prudence , rationality and conservatism . Dzh.Stouner , who studied the problem of production management , demonstrated that group decisions actually riskier than the individual . This applied research has led to a revision of some of the fundamentals of psychology and determined the new directions of its development. non-profit ein number . best seo resellers

Organizational psychology as a system of behavioral technology The stumbling block for many scientific fields is significant isolation of fundamental knowledge and practice. It usually takes many years before the results of theoretical investigations are a guide to practical action . In organizational psychology, there is another problem - the process of transforming theory into practice is too fast , practitioners and managers get is not quite mature concepts and recommendations. This is due, in part , to the fact that organizational psychology - is not only a scientific field , but also a system of psychological techniques. Some focused primarily on the practice of researchers see in organizational psychology primarily a system of methods to improve the organization in order to enhance its effectiveness . The task of scientists often comes down to offering services and practical advice on leadership training , job design , performance assessment , development of incentive programs and other psychological technologies . As with any product , services, psychologists need to be advertising and beautiful packaging , and often supply them with bright labels that do not always reflect their true quality and reliability. In other words , wanting to sell their services , organizational psychology professionals often promise too much and thereby undermine its prestige . http://optima-system.com . this device

These costs can be minimized by only one means : strict adherence to the scientific method. However, when talking about the use of the scientific method , there are often concerns that an impartial scientific pedantry is not compatible with the sincere and considerate towards people . In this case, such a fear , of course, groundless, because of organizational psychology is clearly dominated by the humanistic approach . Its most important task is to establish a scientific basis for the design environment , which provides not only the effectiveness of the organization , but also the development and self-realization of individuals. However, this humanism "without touching tears" , as this science is equally focused on productivity as an economic indicator , and the creation of favorable conditions for work and personal development of all members of the organization. It should be noted that today the contribution of organizational psychology is largely based on the rejection of the familiar . Until now, researchers have been more successful in redefining and proof of insolvency or failure of traditional ideas about behavior in organizations. It is much more modest , in my opinion, is the "positive " contribution to organizational psychology , ie, the contribution to the creation of new, alternative concepts. this model

An example of this is the study of leadership. Despite the numerous studies on the subject , one can hardly speak of a commonly accepted theory of leadership . Nevertheless, we know quite a lot: for example , the fact that an effective leader can not be " derived " from a particular set of personal characteristics that a democratic style of leadership is not necessarily more effective authoritarian , or that leader's behavior is more dependent on the behavior of subordinates than vice versa. Scientists now believe that it is hardly possible to create universal psychological theories that can explain all the phenomena of the human psyche . And if you can not find a style of leadership , effective in all organizational situations, it is necessary to define a style of behavior of the manager who will "work " in most situations. In this case, organizational psychology can help each manager to form their frame of reference for assessing the behavior of his colleagues . She is able to assist in the establishment or renewal of feedback channels , adequately informing people about the consequences of their behavior. All this will allow them to see and adjust their behavior , so - to improve and grow.

Influence success of American, European and Japanese companies on the development of organizational psychology Some large U.S. corporations were a model of organizational efficiency of up to 70 years of our century. Not surprisingly, the main contribution to the development of organizational psychology also made to U.S. researchers. However, the end of the 70 's - early 80's were marked by considerable success of European and Japanese companies. This is largely intensified the attention of researchers , especially the U.S. , to the problems of organizational psychology and management. Numerous authors in their works analyzed the reasons for the success of European and Japanese management in the global market , particularly in the automotive industry. They tug on the background of some of the economic slowdown in the United States has made an extremely topical issue of national management models .

Of particular interest to researchers called Japanese management techniques , enable the development of a sense of the team members of the organization and ensuring their active involvement in the achievement of organizational goals. Japanese companies have once again demonstrated the need for careful attention to issues of motivation, group activities, as well as to the psychological problems of the organization as a whole. The result of the increased interest in organizational psychology was the appearance in 80 years the popular management literature . The most striking example of this literature has become a bestseller T. Peters and Robert Waterman "In Search of good governance ." The authors of this book, published in millions of copies , tried to find common characteristics of successful American companies , constantly winning a competition in domestic and global markets, even in the face of economic downturns.

The basis of their continued success , according to the researchers , were not technological breakthroughs, not sophisticated financial accounting system, not complex formal structure , but rather a specific organizational environment that encourages employees to provide the orientation of the widest possible range of services to the consumer that generates pride in the quality of goods and services produced supporting the workers' desire to generate new ideas. These conclusions are the authors were able to link with a deep analysis of the concepts and theories of organizational psychology. Among the other most popular management books in this direction should be noted , " Theory Z» W. Ouchi and " effective manager " by K. Blanchard and S. Johnson.



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