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In Chapter 9, "Foundations of group behavior " are considered the fundamental characteristics of the groups and their role in the organization. The importance of research group is primarily concerned with the fact that the direct purpose of the group overall organizational direction is much more difficult than changing a target individual. As demonstrated by the famous Houtornskie experiments , the group affects the performance of the individual to a much greater extent than his individual abilities and skills . The group often has a negative impact on the individual , and organizational effectiveness . Therefore, the main efforts of psychologists and managers are directed not only to a more efficient use of the capacity , but also to overcome or neutralize the negative effect of the group . In this context, particular interest is the analysis of the phenomenon of "social loafer » («social loafing»), which manifests itself in the loss of individual large part of its effectiveness when working in a group.

Chapter 10, " Communication (communication ) in the organization " analyzes the processes of communication , which ultimately are the main means of reconciling individual goals of its members with a common purpose. However, the real , direct communication in the organization mainly occurs in the working group. So much attention in this chapter devoted to examining the characteristics of intra-group communication.

Final Part V « The Power and the individual " brings together three chapters . Chapter 11, " The individual and the organization ," introduces the fundamentals of individual behavior , offering an analysis of individual goals , personal characteristics and features that affect the actions of the individual in the organization. Every employee coming into the organization , brings his experience and outlook , which either facilitate or impede its integration into the organization. Chapter 12, " The value orientations " is devoted to the analysis of value orientations and attitudes of employees, knowledge and understanding that allow to predict the behavior of the overall compliance of their organization's goals .

The last chapter of the book " Recruitment " introduces the reader to the staff selection system , allowing to form an organization of individuals who share its goals and with the right to organize professional and personal characteristics. Special attention is paid to the head of the professional selection of subjects of organizational power, whose influence on the activities of the organization is crucial. For clarity, the proposed material is provided with examples of actual use of the methods and concepts of organizational psychology at the improvement of the activities of various institutions: banks, industrial companies, government agencies , hospitals , research laboratories , educational institutions , etc. In addition, the book includes practical exercises that allow the use material contained in the chapters for the analysis of the actual organizational problems , as well as case studies ( hook -called «case studies»).

The scientific study and a new look at the role and responsibility of the authorities in the organization, in my opinion, can be one of the factors contributing to the crisis in the Russian organizations throughout the country as a whole. I hope that the present book will help readers ( including those of them who have a direct bearing on the government) to take another look at the power in the organization , will provide valuable advice and information to encourage reflection, to rethink their role in the organization , and in society as a whole. The idea of this book came to life thanks to the help and participation of many people. First of all, I want to thank my wife Tatiana Yurievna for advice and support , which were so necessary as when working on specific topics , and in the many years of daily work as a whole.

I would like to express my gratitude to the staff of the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, with whom I was privileged to work together for more than twenty years. List them all is hardly possible, and yet I can not name names , BF Lomov , AV Bruslinskii , VA Barabanschikova , VN Druzhinin , M. Zabrodina , LG wild , AL Zhuravlev , YN Oleinik , VN Khashchenko , VM Rusalova , KA - Abulkhanova Slavska TN Ushakova , SK Roshchina , VV Suhodoeva , Yu Ya Golikov , SA Varashkevicha , A. Kostin , SA Shapkina and many others. Special appreciation for their review and valuable suggestions on the content and composition of the book would make VA Bodrov . I am also grateful to the Japan Foundation , the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Germany), the faculty of three Japanese universities : Waseda , Aoyama Gakuin University . Aomori Korittsu ; Aachen Technology and the University of Marburg ( Germany), the Society for the Study of human factors and ergonomics (USA), the International Association of cross-cultural psychology, and my foreign colleagues Professors M. Maruyama (Japan ), L. Hornke (Germany ), M. de Montmollenu (France ), H. Triandis (USA ), J. Misumi (Japan ), K. Noro (Japan ), A. Wiesner (France), A. Imada (USA) and A. Brown (USA).   Увеличение груди, эксклюзивная методика и гарантированный результат. . https://pokerku19.net . click here to view the source of the post . https://openezx.org/

In science, there is no such forbidden nearby or distant site, where hung a sign - " outsiders access is denied." Scientists are allowed - double-check everything , try everything , think it through . Do not apply any barriers diplomas or division of disciplines . Prohibited only one thing - not to be aware that what has been done to it in a particular subject for which he came from. Of course , no one can have a thorough awareness even in the same specialty. And so from the scientist need to know the limits of their knowledge . Modesty prevents daring . Once you see the limits of their knowledge , and the course of study required to give up many important aspects of the problem being studied , it is necessary to go to these victims . The only way you 'll be able to push the ... frontiers of science and see what lies behind them.

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